Climate Crisis

Climate Crisis

With fires still raging all across our beautiful country, & our useless government still refusing to take action, many Australian people, from the humble hard working battlers, to small & large business owners, entrepreneurs, & celebrities, are doing what they can to take up the slack of our worthless & ineffective politicians.

Below is a list of charities & organisations (that I will add to as I find new links to share) that are taking donations or crowdfunding to help the Australian people, fauna, & flora directly affected by this ongoing social, environmental, & economic disaster, as well as organisations seeking to build better ways for the future. Please read the information they provide to be sure you know where your money is going & that you are happy with the charity or organisation before donating. I am not affiliated with any of these charities, I am simply sharing links to assist you in making your own decision about who to donate to & support. Thank you in advance for your generosity & humanity.


Red Cross:


Celeste Barber:

First Nations Fire Knowledge Land Lore:

Fire Relief Fund for First Nations People:

Families of lost firefighters:

NSW Rural Fire Service:

Royal Fire Brigades Association QLD:

Clay For Australia:

Australian Ceramics Association Initiatives:

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