giving back

At Made OF Australia we believe that as human beings we should support community, & as artists, especially the arts community. We believe that the arts foster enlivened & connected communities & because art has contributed so vastly to our own lives in so many ways, we like to give back to artists & arts communities. We are proud to have supported &/or been associated with many diverse organisations, not-for-profit groups, government bodies, council initiatives, educational facilities, charities, & individuals doing great things over the years, by donating money, volunteering time, sharing expertise, providing resources, subscribing to, enroling in, or whaterer else we can do to show support whenever possible. We prefer to align ourselves with causes that subscribe to our philosophies of community building & environmental sustainability – although sometimes we get involved with other worthy ventures & projects too.


If you are part of, or aware of an organisation that you would like us to consider supporting in some way, please send their details to