Made OF Australia creates unique, modern, unglazed ceramic art for people who like to know that their money is being invested in quality & is contributing to both environmental & social sustainability. Unlike the manufacturers of the ubiquitous, chemical off-gassing, plastic or synthetic jewellery, homewares & souvenirs found in so many retail outlets, Made OF Australia practices & promotes more traditional, slow design techniques to create completely natural & thoughtfully produced items to cherish forever. Our hands-on techniques put substance, life & quality into every piece we make; so you can surround yourself with beautiful items without concern or cost to your health & values.

If you are seeking perfectly identical products, then we are definitely not for you; whilst we can produce large volumes (by using methods that allow us to create multiples of the same weight & volume), we specialise in individual, handmade & precious pieces, as unique as the people who own them. Even when producing multiples of the same form so they stack well in your restaurants or homes, no two surface finishes can ever be the same, each one will have its own unrepeatable & peculiar qualities, as is the beauty of handmade & in particular, Saggar Firing.

Whether we are wheel throwing (our Detached Teacups & Teapots), slab building (our Wabi Sabi & Raw Earth Plate ranges), slip casting (our fine drinking vessels & pourers), or pressing (our entire Minimalist range), your pieces are all designed here in Australia by Anna-Marie, formed from Australian Stoneware or Porcelain here in Australia, then fired & finished by the skilled hands of an Australian artist, right here in Australia.

Our ceramic works of art are fundamentally a physical manifestation of homage to Mother Earth. Every work of art we craft from her gifts of clay & organic materials is a tangible representation of her abundance & fertility, a reminder of what she is capable of & all that she has so give. We consider each of our ceramic pieces a celebration of our collective relationship with her & connectedness to each other. Each work of art is a symbol of our gratitude to her, made with the utmost care & attention to detail for you to enjoy for years to come.


At Made OF Australia we encourage both social & environmental sustainability via more traditional & community building design & manufacturing methodologies; producing our products in the most environmentally sustainable ways available to us & by reducing our emissions, materials & energy usage relentlessly. If ever we are unhappy with any of our processes, we create our own more responsible methods & practices, which is how our Liquid Quartz sealer came to be, & how we developed our signature Saggar Firing method, firing in upcycled paint tins & using reusable insulation to reduce breakage & waste. (Enquire about our Biochar-Vermiculite post firing byproduct for your garden here.)


At Made OF Australia, being Australian means being part of a diverse community of people, & people (alongside the environment) will always be most important to us. With this in mind, we like to foster a culture of connectedness through art & we endeavour to work with as many different people as we can; to create long lasting relationships between diverse community members & encourage learning & understanding between the peoples of our world. We engage artists, designers & collaborators of all ages, cultural backgrounds, & walks of life to help us with our projects. If you would like more information about being involved in any of our upcoming creative projects, please email us.