work with us

employment opportunities

At Made OF Australia we employ Australian artists & other creatives for various roles throughout the making process (like hand building & saggar firing) to the post firing processing (sanding or sealing for example). We also collaborate with other artists who run their own creative businesses to lend a hand (for ram pressing our Minimalist Range to the collection of organic materials all over Australia), we even provide contract work to other Australian studio potters (like wheel throwing or slip casting onsite or in their own studios).

internships & mentoring

We also run very popular internships & mentoring programmes (free & paid opportunities of varying length & outcome depending on individual needs). Full internships are an exchange of your time for mine, with no money changing hands. I teach you about the day to day running of a creative business, from the making to the marketing, & you gain invaluable hands on experiance in what it takes to run a successful ceramic studio. In return you help us do every thing we do in the studio, from wedging clay to sweeping floors, as well as making hundreds of pieces & firing both the electric & gas kilns – which involves loading & unloading half a tonne of bricks every firing & other heavy duty tasks. This programme is not for the romantic pottery idealist, there will be no Ghost scene with Patrick Swayze behind you at the wheel while Unchained Melody plays in the background…you’ll go home looking like a chimney sweep some days.

Internships are ideally conducted over a 3 month period, with a two day a week commitment. Shorter or longer terms can be negotiated for overseas visitors with specific grant requirements for example, or for locals working full time. You will get the best from your experiance by dedicating 2-3 days a week for at least 2 months in order to see the full cycle & participate in all areas. Shorter paid periods are also possible, where you can learn specific skills for a fee. We cannot help you get a grant or visa, but will absolutely provide you with documentation about the internship to facilitate your application for either.

Mentoring sessions are included for free in the internship programme, but can also be scheduled for artists wanting specific advice & guidance without the practical hands on studio time involved in doing an internship. I make time throughout the year for one off consultations, & to provide ongoing support & advice for creative entrepreneurs from start-up to scale-up phase.

what next?

If you’d like to work with us in some capacity, either as a paid artist or intern, or would like to enquire about becoming a mentee, please send an email to & attach your CV, a short introduction to you & your work (include images, website details, & social media handles), what you hope to achieve by joining us, & your proposed length of stay with preferred date options (for internships) or specific skill set you’d like us to employ you for (either on a contractor basis or via casual employment).

I look forward to hearing all about you…

Anna-Marie Wallace

Artist | Founder | Director