liquid quartz


what is it?

The first unglazed ceramic sealer of its kind, Liquid Quartz is a non-toxic, food-safe, water based, permeating sealer that allows you to turn your unglazed ware into waterproof, & highly stain resistant functional tableware. Liquid Quartz can be applied to unglazed bisque ware, vitrified ceramic ware (being still slightly porous) & alternatively fired clay bodies (pit, smoke, saggar, barrel, naked raku) to create a completely invisible, long lasting, breathable (yet water impermeable) protective barrier.

While Liquid Quartz is NOT for use over glazes, it has become very popular with artists who glaze only part of their work, to seal the unglazed sections & prevent staining from lips & fingers, & water seepage from washing. Liquid Quartz will not effect the glazed sections of your work, it will simply bead & run off a non porous surface. We have also had reports of great results sealing leaky glazed wares from woodfirings, & betwen the cracks of crazed & crawled glazes from electric & gas firings.

how do you use it?

Liquid Quartz is a post firing applied product, so it requires no firing to cure it. It ia a permeating sealer applied by brushing, spraying, or dipping. It works by creating a root system in the porous surface, self leveling on the surface of the clay body, & curing in 24 hours, with the water base evaporating off leaving just the active particles fused permanently with the clay body. For detailed instructions on how to apply it or prep your work for application, & other general product information, please click on these links:

NEW Liquid Quartz General Information Sheet

MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet)

NOTE: The NEW General Information Sheet above contains more detailed instructions & extra information based on your frequently asked questions, please download it & read it before making your enquiry. If your question is still not answered here, then please drop us a line at

where do you get it?

You can find info on pricing & sizes, as well as purchase Liquid Quartz in the online shop

We ship globally & the shop will automatically calculate postage at the checkout. We are currently working on permanent international stockists & will list them here once confirmed.

To order larger quantities of Liquid Quartz than listed, or to enquire about becoming a stockist, please email

how long does it last?

Liquid Quatrz has been in use on plates in commercial restaurants since 2014. These plates are still in use, & continue to be waterproof & functional today. As with any plate, glazed or sealed, your treatment of the surface will effect the longevity of the finish. Harsh chemicals, abrasives, or heavy cutlery scraping can alter or degrade the surface of any dinnerware item (this is visible even on many traditionally glazed plates), but if you take good care of the surface by washing with mild detergents & avoiding abrasives, it should last as long as the plate itself.

Note that if the surface you seal is not stable (lowfired/low bisque) the sealer will still fuse with the surface & be waterproof, but only for as long as the surface remains intact, heavy scraping of cutlery on unstable bisque fired plates is not recommended. Earthernware clay bodies fired to their most vitrified temperatures (terracotta etc.) can be sealed with much success, but will remain more suceptible to chips & damage than stoneware or porcelain, as the claybody itself is not suitable for restaurant quality plates or use in high volume situations.

who is using it?

Images & videos, taken by our diverse customers globally using Liquid Quartz on their functional ware & ceramic artworks, can be found on our dedicated instagram page (also shared on the Liquid Quartz Sealer facebook page & updated hourly below).

If you’d like us to share your work with the world, please tag any images or videos in your instagram feed that feature Liquid Quartz sealed work with #liquidquartz, so we can find them easily & repost them for all to be inspired by…