liquid quartz

The first unglazed ceramic sealer of its kind, Liquid Quartz is a non-toxic, water based, permeating sealer that allows you to turn your unglazed ware into food safe, waterproof, & highly stain resistant functional tableware. Liquid Quartz can be applied to all unglazed bisque ware, vitrified ceramic ware (being still slightly porous) & alternatively fired clay bodies (pit, smoke, saggar, barrel, naked raku) to create a completely invisible, long lasting, breathable (yet water impermeable) protective barrier.

While Liquid Quartz is NOT for use over glazes, it has become very popular with artists who glaze only part of their work, to seal the unglazed sections & prevent staining from lips & fingers, & water seepage from washing. Liquid Quartz will not effect the glazed sections of your work, it will simply bead & run off a non porous surface. We have also had reports of great results sealing leaky glazed wares from woodfirings, & betwen the cracks of crazed & crawled glazes from electric & gas firings.

Made from SiO2 (Crystal Quartz or Silicon Dioxide), a naturally occurring oxide & one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust, most commonly used in the production of glass, glazes, underglazes, clay body stains as well as terracotta, earthenware, stoneware & porcelain clays. It is highly abrasion resistant (7 on the Mohs scale) & thermal shock absorbing. It is certified food safe to European Union food safety standards & is completely skin neutral. It is essentially self-cleaning, being hydrophobic & oleophobic; resisting staining from oil, grease, acids, alkalis & alcohol as effectively as most matt glazes, reducing the need for chemical cleaners & harsh detergents. Water will simply bead off, taking surface contaminants with it. Note that just like any matt glaze, prolonged contact with some foods may still mark the sealed surface, to avoid this, plates should be rinsed clean as soon as possible, repeated hot soapy washing with a mild detergent will usually remove any stubborn shadows caused by neglecting to clean the surface in a timely fashion.

The sealer is water based, & cures completely within 24 hours without firing or further treatment. It is dishwasher & microwave oven safe to 450°C (& also stable to -70°C, so also safe for the freezer & chefs who enjoy torturing tableware with liquid nitrogen). It is also antibacterial & will help prevent the formation of algae, moss, fungus, scale & efflorescence.

Basic Instructions: Apply to clean, dust free & completely dry, unglazed ceramic surfaces by brushing, spraying or dipping until no more sealer is absorbing into the clay body (catch drips or overspray by applying in an oversised plastic container & returning unused product to the bottle). Allow the surface to dry for a few minutes bufore sitting on a platsic sheet or dish drainer to cure, turning over after a few hours to ensure all surfaces recieve adequate airflow. Diverse clay bodies fired to different cone temperatures will require varying quantities of sealer (high fired, more vitreous clay bodies usually require less, whereas porous or bisque fired pieces may require more). When the sealer beads on the surface of the clay, optimum coverage has been achieved. Download the Liquid Quartz General Information Sheet for detailed instructions on preparation & application tips.

Important: If you use a post firing chemical or any potentially toxic ingredient in the firing of your work that will not burn out at the temperatures you fire to &/or if using nanao materials with a particle size of less than 20-100nm (the particle gap of Liquid Quartz) you should always test your work for food safety before using it to ensure no leaching occurs. Liquid Quartz is rated non toxic & food safe, please see the full Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more info if required.

Notes: Average coverage is 50-75ml/m2. A standard bisqued plate will usually require no more than 15ml, even when using the dipping method, which will ensure the most thourough coverage & is recommended for high use tableware. This makes the product more cost effective than glazing when calculating raw materials, firing costs, time to make & apply glazes, not to mention the inevitable breakage during high firing. In the shop you can find a breakdown of just how economical the product is to use depending on the quantity ordered, so you can compare it with your glazing costs.

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Downloads: MSDS  |  Liquid Quartz General Information Sheet