BEFORE ORDERING please make sure you have read all the important information at the bottom of this page. It outlines our terms & conditions, gives details about our weekly shipping schedule, & explains what you can (& can’t) expect from us regarding things like email response times & tracking etc.

By ordering you acknowledge that you have read & agree to the information there. Thank you in advance, & welcome to our shop…

terms & conditions


Please be aware that we are a small but dedicated team of creatives, who do everything from the making & firing to the admin & foraging & even the packing & shipping, so please respect that we are humans not machines, & we do our best to answer all your questions & ship your orders as soon as possible. Because we do it all ourselves, we can only dedicate one day a week to admin & emails, so please be patient while we get to your request on those days. Due to our limited time in the office, we will also not be able to reply to any emails asking questions already answered here, please understand that we are simply too busy making your pieces to repeat ourselves every day for people who don’t read the info we have carefully & lovingly provided here, so thanks for respecting our time & reading the notes, it is appreciated.

If you’ve been sent a link to this page instead of a personalised answer to your email, this is why…we still love you, but now please read the notes, your question is answered here.

holiday closure

We are closed from Friday the 18th December 2020 to the end of Januaury 2021, but can make appointments for urgent pick up orders before Xmas (available 21st to 23rd December ONLY…so please, no unscheduled drop ins, we are flat out at Xmas & will not be able to stop to serve you, so you will be disappointed when we have to turn you away). Please order online choosing “pick up from Made OF Australia” as your shipping option & I will contact you to arrange a suitable collection time. We will also ship sporadically during the holidays if needed, just let us know in the order comments if you have a deadline & we’ll let you know if we can make it happen during our break or not.


We generally pack & ship once a week, so if you miss the mail out day one week, your order will go out the following week. If however you have an urgent deadline, please say so in the order comments & we’ll let you know if we are able to achieve it with our current workload. At busy times we do try to ship more often, time permitting.

Express post refers to the time Australia Post will take to deliver your packages once collected from us, not the amount of time we will take to prepare the goods for shipping. See above.

GST will be added at the checkout for any Australian customers.

Any import duties, fees, &/or taxes payable in your country are the responsibility of the buyer. Unfortunately we cannot advise if any such dues are applicable for every country we ship to, & do not know if they will be charged at all by customs in your country even if applicable, as the rules seem to vary week to week & depend on things like; overall price, type of goods, & which way the wind is blowing on the day your parcel arrives…

holiday shipping

The dates for pre Xmas delivery (according to Australia Post) are as follows, so you will need to order on these days in December at the latest, or risk delivery after Xmas:
Monday 7th 
– for long haul (regional / transcontinental)
Monday 14th
– for short haul (interstate metro / local)
Thursday 17th
– for same city (Brisbane) or express (short haul)

We will also ship sporadically during our holidays if needed (from Friday the 18th December 2020 to the end of Januaury 2021) so just let us know in the order comments if you have a deadline & we’ll let you know if we can make it happen during our break or not.

pre order

Please note in the descriptions of each item that some pieces are made available for pre sale (so actually NOT available until they are made, despite the shop listing them as in stock to allow people to pre order them, as we get many requests to make this service available). These items will of course not ship until we have finished making them. All items ordered together will ship together, if you’d like your other items shipped before the pre order items are ready please order them seperately. 


You will receive a link to the place where you can monitor tracking details with your order confirmation (you can also click the “track orders” icon at the bottom of the shop above). Tracking details will be updated once the item is scanned & collected for shipping, you can track the progress after that time. Please contact the shipping agent directly for enquiries about delayed packages as we cannot do this on your behalf unless the item is confirmed lost & a claim lodged by you first. We will of course replace any items lost or damaged but cannot refund you for delayed items that are simply still in transit due to shipping delays that are out of our hands.

COVID impact

CURRENTLY THERE ARE SHIPPING DELAYS TO EVERY CONTINENT. Please be patient while shipping companies work through the backlog created by the grounding of passenger planes & increased quarantine & hygiene practices due to COVID.

General complaints about COVID delays cannot be actioned by us, please understand that the shipping impacts of this global pandemic are out of our control & we are unable to chase up everyone’s orders at this time. See above & thanks for your patience, it’s been a tough time for us all!

liquid quartz

The LQ Shop is now located on the Liquid Quartz page. Please read the FAQ at the bottom of the Liquid Quartz page & download the General Information PDF document found there for full application instructions, uses & limitations before emailing us your questions, you’ll find many of the answers are already explained there, as well as many you haven’t thought of yet.

LQ ships from a different warehouse to our other products, so shipping costs cannot be combined if ordering LQ with other items.

We are currently working on overseas supply solutions, but our efforts have been slowed dramatically by current global distribution & travel issues, but we will continue to ship globally in the meantime. Please check the link in the shop to see if there are issues delivering to your country at this time. The MSDS & HS Customs codes are also listed there.

kintsugi repair kits

Shipping is now FREE WITHIN AUSTRALIA ONLY, all international buyers will receive a shipping quote via email for approval & payment before shipping.

VIP discounts

We offer discounts & specials to our VIP list subscribers periodically. To receive these voucher codes to use in the shop, please subscribe to the mailing list to get them emailed to you when on offer. (You’ll also be the first to hear about our latest news & upcoming events.)

with gratitude

Thank you for choosing handmade & for reading all the way to the end of these notes as requested (clearly you are as clever as you are kind & considerate!).

I’d like to personally thank you for your time, & for the respect you have shown for our time by reading these important details before ordering. I appreciate it so much that if you let us know you followed these instructions by writing “nice notes” in the order comments (when you buy any of our Made OF Australia ceramics) we’ll send you a little something extra in your parcel as a thank you for being so awesome, your kindness & patience deserves to be rewarded.

We look forward to sending you some very special things as soon as humanly possible!

♥ Anna-Marie