Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions

In January 2020, I announced our new Studio Sessions; an informal, low key, monthly meeting to support artists, makers, & creative entrepreneurs who want to connect with like minded individuals for support, sharing, troubleshooting, & that elusive feeling of belonging that we all crave as humans, but often don’t find from our friends, families, or even our colleagues. Here’s what I say about the sessions:

At these informal gatherings we will get together over a pot of tea (or glass of wine) to support each other in our creative persuits & in our daily expression of being the best possible version of ourselves. The intention is to create space for friendship, healing, learning, laughter, & support in our everyday lives as we strive to achieve our collective & individual goals (business or otherwise).

Sessions are by donation only (so free if you can’t contribute financially) & you can drop in at anytime from 6pm to 8pm, so you don’t need to worry if you’re working too late to arrive at the start, or have to leave early. It’s an informal discussion, an open event, so come & go as you please. Feel free to bring anything you’d like to share; food, drinks, hugs, stories, quotes, poems, questions, advice, an open mind, an interesting opinion, an ear for others…& even your friends, your mum, your neighbour, or anyone you think could benefit or contribute wisdom. Guest speakers will also be invited throughout the year.

(Excerpt from the Studio Sessions booking page in the online shop.)

After posting on instagram about these sessions, we received overwhelming interest from people all around the world in less than 24hours, all wishing they lived closer so they could attend…which led me to set up a Zoom meeting link (which you will recieve when you book in for one of the free sessions in the online shop), so we can include creatives from all corners of the globe.

What I would love to see happen is a movement toward more local, face to face groups popping up to support each other in person as a result (see more about that below), but sometimes we can’t get to a meeting in person, so the online hook up allows our more remote friends to connect too.

With the idea of starting a network of small, local groups, facilitated by other artists who share my intention in mind, I registered the quirky name Artists Anonymous Group, which made me laugh, but is also inkeeping with my intention for these sessions; real support, real connection, just like the infamous AA group therapy sessions…except there will very likely be wine at our meetings! At the website being built now, we will list, so you can find, a local group near you. If you are the organiser of such a group, or would like to start one, you can register your sessions by going to the site for info (once live):

I hope to see you at a session, or hear from you about your local sessions…

With love & gratitude always.


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