Building Caia the Kiln

Building Caia the Kiln

So I hired a brick layer, three times, to come & help me build my first big kiln in 2014…having no idea what to do (I’d been a potter for about a year at that stage) & being armed only with bad images of the kiln half constructed & a pile of bricks & steel angle.

The third time the bricklayer let me down (“Oh man, I think I’m still too drunk from last night to come over…”, got to love Aussie tradies, thanks mate) I decided to take matters into my own hands. I just Googled “how to build a brick kiln” & then did it myself. Literally.

Necessity is the mother of invention so they say, & I needed a kiln! Admittedly it took me two days to build the first time, but only a day the second time (no video sorry), & the third time I moved her I was done by lunch! Wine in hand, feet up, wondering if next time I can do it by breakfast… 😉

Thank you Google, I love you.




Gold Coast 2014

Goonengerry 2016


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