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Liquid Quartz


about us

Everything from the Australian clays to the foraged indigenous flora used in the firing of our ceramics is derived directly from the unique Australian landscape. This means that each & every piece we make is not only made in Australia, by Australians, but is literally a piece of Australia.

We forage for indigenous flora & waste from native Australian fauna throughout southern Queensland & northern New South Wales (on the East coast of Australia) harnessing their natural compounds to create colour, pattern & texture on our ceramics, using our signature Saggar Firing process. No two Made OF Australia works of art are alike, each is as unique & individual as you are.

All our work is unglazed; including our tableware, which is sealed with Liquid Quartz, a natural crystal quartz coating, to ensure food safety & stain resistance.

Our products are often finished with new or recycled metals from Australian metal merchants, Australian textiles & kangaroo leathers.

our heritage

As Australians, we take great pride in both our personal heritage & in the ancient history of this beautiful country we call home. We remain aware that the earth from which we craft our works of art does not belong to us, or indeed to anyone, & we would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land for their care of this country over countless generations. We pay our respects to tribal elders past & present, & in the spirit of reconciliation, respect & friendship, we would like to say...

...thank you!

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