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An interview with

Made OF Australia's founder

Anna-Marie Wallace in

The Journal of Australian Ceramics




Liquid Quartz


restaurant orana

Made OF Australia is currently working with chef Jock Zonfrillo to create a food service range exclusive to his Adelaide based Restaurant Orana, voted Adelaide's Best Restaurant in 2014 & 2015.

The vessels created for Orana utilise not only the typical organic materials Made OF Australia currently forages for in southern Queensland & northern New South Wales, but they also showcase patterning & markings created by the native Australian ingredients found throughout Orana's menu.

Each piece is Saggar Fired with the otherwise wasted byproducts created during the processing of the indigenous ingredients in Orana's kitchen, as well as unprocessed native flora from their menu. The images below show vessels fired with brined bunya nut husks, pandanus palm fruit, macadamia nut shells & husks, cumin & strawberry eucalyptus leaves, sea succulents, dried & fermented fruits like Davidson plum, quandong, kutjera & more.

The vessels you eat from when you dine at Orana are literally made using the same ingredients served upon them. Bespoke tableware that truly speaks of the earth & of the unique Australian foodstuffs served by the talented team at Restaurant Orana.


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