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An interview with

Made OF Australia's founder

Anna-Marie Wallace in

The Journal of Australian Ceramics




Liquid Quartz


artist statement

"Ever since I can remember I have been in awe of Mother Earth. Her humble nuances, balanced by her often majestic grandeur, her adaptability & patience demonstrated by her capacity to both nurture & destroy, & perhaps most impressively, her inate & infallible understanding of when to do one or the other. Everything she creates is perfect imperfection; a concept that has always inspired my creative exploration & a theme that permeates my work.

Reviving ancient techniques of firing without glazes, I endeavour to harness the unruly elements of earth, water, air & fire, to create ceramic artefacts that transcend mere matter, to bring base organic materials together in a way that results in something greater than the sum of all contributing parts; in effect, to conjure pure alchemy. The Saggar Firing process allows me to create markings on my work without the use of processed chemicals or synthetic materials, the surface finish of each piece is derived entirely from the Australian landscape.

I first forage for indigenous Australian flora (like Macadamia nut & Pandanus fruit for example), & collect gifts from the sea (such as seagrass, shells & corals), & repurpose organic waste from native animals (Emu & Crocodile eggshell, & even scat from Koalas & other Australian fauna). I enclose these unlikely ingredients in containers with my naked clay pieces & fire to temperatures that transform them to vapour (or maybe even aether; the elusive fith element in early metaphysical mythology?). Either way, when starving of oxygen, these opportunistic vapours search for it within the clay itself, taking with them all the colours, patterns & textures of the universe, becoming permanently fused with the surface of the clay in unpredictable & unrepeatable homage to all that was destroyed in order to create it. The story of the universe is contained in every piece. Every piece is as unique as you are, & every piece is literally a piece OF Australia."

Anna-Marie Wallace

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